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Cold Items 

Lemon and basil infused boccacini, confit young tomato
Loch fin salmon rillette, rye bread croute, keta caviar
Rare seared yellow fin tuna, nicoise garnish
Sweet cured beef fillet, pickled vegetable ‘wrap’, toasted sesame dressing
Parmesan shortbread, caramelised red onion
Slow braised barberry duck, orange essence, celeriac remoulade, crisp skin
Ham hock roulade, bramley apple puree, grain mustard
Cornish crab rillette, red endive and chive
Shaved Parma ham, macerated fennel, Roquefort cheese, crisp fuisille
Star anise cured trout, beetroot mayonnaise
Wild mushroom crostini, soft golden cross
Shish taouk wraps (marinated chicken, red pepper, garlic mayo, smoked paprika)
Oven baked Spanish tortilla

Hot Items

Char-grilled corn fed chicken satay, sesame, soy and coriander dressing
Lamb kofta, lemon confit, mint and yoghurt dip
Pea, mint and parmesan aricine
Confit white onion, anchovy and thyme parsaildaire
Crab and chervil croquettes, sauce rouille
Slow braised pork belly, soy glaze and sekura cress
Smoked haddock rarebit, butter glaze
Feta cheese and sun blush tomato tarts
Charred monkfish, poached peaches and Serrano ham
Pork  dumplings, Moroccan hummus
Cumin spiced lamb, romesco dip
Seared Saudi prawns, coriander and chilli scent
Spiced paneer baked piquillo peppers, lemon and chive

Finger Foods